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To assist the teacher in providing a warm, nurturing, Christ-centered, safe and loving environment in which children can grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.


  • Assists classroom teacher in supervision and management of a group of children
  • Interacts with, initiates and encourages children in daily activities
  • Assists teacher in planning learning activities
  • Helps children control behavior using a Christ-centered, positive, consistent approach
  • Helps children grow to become independent
  • Helps prepare the learning environment, sets up interest centers, prepares materials
  • Assists teacher in record keeping and observations related to children’s development, health and behavior
  • Prepares snacks
  • Promotes integral learning during snack times
  • Helps with general housekeeping tasks
  • Attends to needs of individual children with sensitivity
  • Attends required staff meetings and functions
  • Helps build a supportive, caring team
  • Assists teacher in other ways as needed

Education/Experience Requirements:

  • Has a High School Diploma or Associate’s degree from an accredited college or university with emphasis on early childhood education or child development, with a minimum of 6 credit hours in early childhood
  • Experience working with young children in learning situations
  • Ability to relate joyfully and sensitively to young children
  • Evidence of security and judgment to handle crisis situations

Other Requirements:

  • Prior to employment, assistant teacher shall submit a dated report of satisfactory tuberculin test.
  • Assistant teacher shall present a dated medical statement signed by a licensed physician, a licensed nurse practitioner or a licensed physician’s assistant verifying that s/he suffers no known physical or emotional illness or condition that would adversely affect child care. This statement shall be dated not more than six months prior to employment or within 30 days after date of employment.
  • An assistant teacher, upon examination or as a result of tests, who shows indication of a physical, emotional or mental condition that could be hazardous to a child, staff members, or self and that would prevent satisfactory performance of duties shall not be assigned or returned to the assistant teacher position until the condition is cleared to the satisfaction of the examining physician.
  • All persons shall be excluded from the center when they have an infectious illness.
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