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Provide wholesome, well balanced, and nourishing meals and snacks that appeal to the developing palates of young children.


  • Cooking nutritious meals and snacks that meets nutritional guidelines provided by DCFS, local, state and federal agencies is the main responsibility for daycare cook.
  • The cook must be aware of food allergies suffered by some children and adapt his recipes accordingly.
  • He has a food budget he must adhere to as well as a checklist of fruits or vegetables that must be included in each meal.
  • The cook typically has to prepare reports/menus on what he cooks and serves for management, the church, and government regulatory agencies.
  • Menus are to be prepared one month ahead of time and approved by the director.
  • Provide a grocery list at least 2 weeks ahead of time.
  • Deliver meals and snacks by the scheduled times
  • Cleans and sanitizes all equipment and surfaces after use
  • Preps breakfast for the next day


  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required to be a daycare cook
  • Courses in safe food handling and storage practices, nutrition or cooking are mandatory.
  • Knowledge gained from experience in other food preparation environments.
  • A chief must have a current Food and Sanitation License
  • Daycare chiefs must have a strong foundation in math to be used to make numerical calculations to modify the amounts of ingredients in some recipes, a daycare cook must have good math skills
  • Exemplary planning abilities are required to accurately forecast food needs to avoid waste and loss.
  • A daycare cook must have culinary skills and be adept at using cutlery and operating common kitchen machines such as dishwashers, electric slicers, gas stove, blenders and food processors.
  • He must be follow government guidelines in storing and preparing food to avoid contamination or spoilage.

Other Requirements:

  • A background check must be on file.
  • Prior to employment, assistant teacher shall submit a dated report of satisfactory tuberculin test. Such tests need to be repeated every 2 years.
  • Assistant teacher shall present a dated medical statement signed by a licensed physician, a licensed nurse practitioner or a licensed physician’s assistant verifying that s/he suffers no known physical or emotional illness or condition that would adversely affect child care. This statement shall be dated not more than six months prior to employment or within 30 days after date of employment.
  • An assistant teacher, upon examination or as a result of tests, who shows indication of a physical, emotional or mental condition that could be hazardous to a child, staff members, or self and that would prevent satisfactory performance of duties shall not be assigned or returned to the assistant teacher position until the condition is cleared to the satisfaction of the examining physician.
  • All persons shall be excluded from the center when they have an infectious illness.
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