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Encouraging imagination, exploration and creativity, by helping your child to learn and grow in a Christian environment

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Effective and comprehensive communication is important to us. We use a variety of methods to communicate important messages to our families. The teachers are available daily to talk with families about their child’s day. Full day students receive a daily summary sheet or a download from an app that will go straight to your phone or mobile device. Monthly newsletters and calendars are given out for each of the classes; they update families about themes, fieldtrips, and special announcements. The director sends out a monthly all school newsletter which updates families about upcoming events, has a featured teacher of the month, and volunteer opportunities.

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Parent Testimonials

Here is what some of the families have said about our program:

~“I was so pleased to see the 3 year old class included in the children's Christmas program at the church. It was wonderful to see my grandson Yousef singing at the service. Thank you for being so welcoming to our family. & My son Yousef loves coming to see his friends and teachers and can’t wait to tell me about his enrichment experiences when I pick him up. I enjoy being able to help the school & All the students to have wonderful and fun parties.”

~“We are now in our fourth consecutive year w Grace Lutheran's preschool program. Both of my children's first experience with school was at Grace and I am so grateful that it has been so positive. The staff and teachers are attentive, kind, and great with meeting each child's needs. Each day at drop off we are greeted with a smile and when I pick up my children, they are still smiling. I can't ask for more.”

~“Whenever my daughter Lucy walks into the building she is greeted with a big smile, hug, and "hello Lucy!" This is her reception no matter which adult she greets. She knows everyone's name and everyone knows her name. Thank you for being the arms of Jesus for my daughter to run into on a daily basis.”

~“Grace Lutheran is a warm, loving, nurturing pre-school. Our oldest son has a developmental delay, and we were having a hard time finding a school for him last year. Grace Lutheran accepted him with open arms and all the teachers and staff have gone above and beyond to make him feel included and welcome. We were so happy with our experience that we now send our younger son to Grace Lutheran as well. We are so lucky to have found the preschool and we recommend Grace Lutheran's program to everyone we know. In fact, my best friend now sends her daughter there too! It is a special place.”

~“One time we came to pick our son up early from school. His class was going on a walk, and he was so excited about it that we had to leave and come back for him later! This is how it is every time we pick him up. He is always engaged and doing something he enjoys. He loves it so much that he never wants to leave! The staff is amazing! Every teacher is loving and caring. We could not be happier with our experience. Thank you for all that you do!”

~“I first learned about Grace Lutheran through a co-worker whose daughter was in the preschool almost 22 years ago. Based on the stories that they still talk about and also going to a church based preschool when I was younger, I knew it was a right fit for our daughter. Grace has welcomed our family and Juliana with open arms.”

~“A friend told me, "It's hard enough to work and be away from your kids. You need to find a place that won't just take good care of them, but will love them as well." And this is why we love Grace Lutheran. Maddie is absolutely thriving here. In just few months, she has become more social with her friends, learned her ABC's, can count from 1-15 and looks forward to going to school. From the art projects that she works on, to the special way you made her feel on her birthday, to the holiday treats and the hugs when she's having a tough day. The team at Grace goes above and beyond to not only take care of Maddie, but love her as their own! Thank you for an amazing 6 months! We look forward to many more.”

~“As you know, Sophia and Luke have been attending Grace since June. Luke has been in the 18 month room and Sophie started in the 2 year old room and has since moved to the 3 year old room. Starting at Grace was a frightening time for all of us as the kids were previously in an in-home daycare environment since they were 3 months old. Everyone at Grace (teachers, floaters, yourself) has made the transition comfortable, nurturing and a lot less scary for the kids (and us parents!). The kids enjoy being at the school and I know I don’t have anything to worry about while we are at work because I know they are in good hands.”

~“I just thought I would take the opportunity to say how impressed I have been with the school from the moment we walked in to inquire about your programming. The first person we met was doing maintenance work in the hallway. When we told the gentleman why we stopped in he stopped what he was doing to find someone to help us. We then met with you (Heather Grant) and you spent time with us and showed us the toddler room. My daughter and I were sold when we were told that prayer and bible stories were utilized in the classroom. We signed up Levi before leaving that day. My husband and I went with my daughter to open house and really loved the opportunity to meet all the teachers. They obviously love their work. My daughter tells me Levi goes joyfully to the classroom every morning now. Thank you all for the wonderful school.”

~“Dear Heather & the entire Grace Lutheran Family,

Where do I begin?

Like most parents today, I work full time. And like all parents, I am particular with who spends time with my child, who teaches her, who kisses her boo-boos when I can't, who generally cares for her.

We had a short stint at a home daycare with more than 20 kids. My daughter took 3 steps back in her potty training. I quickly came to the realization that that environment was fueled by negative reinforcement as she thought she would get in trouble if she had any accidents. This broke my heart as any parent can imagine because at 2 1/2 she was trying her hardest. It was evident now that I needed a special preschool. A preschool with positive environment, with kind and patient teachers.

I found Grace Lutheran. I didn't have to look very far as we live in the area. We are all so lucky to live in such a wonderful community.

Not even one whole week in, my daughter was completely back on track with potty training. Mornings were easier, as her kicking and screaming scaled down from a 9 to the usual 3. She was excited to go back to school!

To me, there is only one thing more important than potty training, than enrichment classes, instilling good values & making long lasting friendships, and that is piece of mind. My child is safe. She is surrounded with the genuine kindness and patience of her teachers in an all around positive & honest environment.

Like plenty of mothers today, I have to work. I wish I had less hours and more pay, and maybe someday I will, but for now it is so nice to know that my daughter is at Grace Lutheran.

Thank you to each and every one of you.

With love,



I wanted to let you know how wonderful and friendly everyone has been in Shay's first week. I keep meaning to say something, but the mornings are so hectic. The messages Liz has left for me in regards to how Shay is doing have made the transition easier (for me).

I appreciate all you and the team have done to acclimate Shay and make sure he is well taken care of.

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